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KRISTIA KNOWLES:Thanks for being motivational both on and off the field. You are kind and genuinely care for your athletes - I see it in all your actions.You make everyone feel like a WINNER!

JENNIFER NICOLE LEE:Shooting with Coach A is always a fun and easy experience which results in gorgeous cover worth shots.Coach A is not only a straight up highly regarded professional in the industy of photography and fi8tness, but he is a great friend!

Katie UterCoach A is such a wonderful person to work with.Thanks you so much for the beautiful pictures! And thank you for the avatar images - what a great gift!His kindness and positive attitude is recognizable immediately when you meet him! He is a positive forcein our industry.Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

ELAINE GOODLAD "Coach Atherton was one of the first photographers that I worked with earlyin my fitness modeling career, before I became an IFBB pro. He is awonderful person, very professional and a lot of fun to work with. With hispersonality and talent, he's definitely one photographer who makes it easyto feel comfortable while working in front of the camera. John became afriend as well, and my husband and I feel blessed to have had theopportunity to get to know him."

Laurett Ellsworth ArenzMrs United States - 1997Mrs America - 2002Dr. Atherton is an amazing fitness coach who has the ability to work with all types of people. I have seen him create champions many times. I was the fortunate recipient of his advice and council. He helped me to fine-tuned my body so I had the confidence to go out and win a major National title.Dr. Atherton has a unique combination of technical expertise and interpersonal skills that helps motivate a person to achieve their potential. He sparks a person to want to achieve their potential. I highly recommend Coach Atherton to anyone who has the desire to improve their physical condition.

LyANN WareAre you kidding????????????? I am like WOW! I think it looks fabulous.... talk about a fantastic time at my first made me feel like a rockstar and honestly I feel you were such a positive force for Stan and I....we had a blast!

MEGAN HOFFMAN:WOW!!! That's awesome. Its an enormous credit to your work. The website on one model place is extremely impressive as well! I fished around the site & didn't find anything nearly as extensive or versatile. You have the ability to shoot a variety of subjects in a variety of different elements & make the 'feel' of the picture very different & KOOL! I love the Glamour shot on your website of me looking down, Mitch & I both couldn't stop looking at it- its amazing! You have so many different talents; photographer, coach, mentor, personal trainer, husband, father- it is an honor & a pleasure to work with you & to continue to strengthen our relationship.

ARYSTA BOGNER:Hey Coach!Wow, you have been busy, good stuff! Website and portfolio looking awesome! Thanks for including me in your portfolio, I feel very honoured to be among such amazing and fit ladies! You have taken it up another knotch...congrats! I look forward to next year when I can do a shoot with you and talk about Training as an 'Athlete' with you! My work at National Sport Development provides with me an excellent training facility, in which I hope to challenge and take myself to the next level, physically and professionally. Stay tuned for the magic...

BROOK DORAN:I have recently had the pleasure of shooting with the one and only John Atherton. My shoot with John was in Miami, Florida at the Eden Roc Resort and it was done with a level of professionalism and finess that I quite frankly have not experienced with others. Although we were in a somewhat crowded pool area, John took shots of me that were powerful, artistic and captivating; all while utilizing the light and natural colors around us to bring out features I didn't even know I had! He made me feel completely relaxed, his cues were motivating, and he was respectful to my person and to my comfort level with regard to posing. I was so happy with the images and the whole experience that we are already talking about another shoot! He also created a beautiful comp card and business card for me. I must also mention the fact that he is a great guy and perfect gentleman! Feel free to contact me for a reference.Brooke DoranWNBF ProMiss Universe Bikini Classic #4

ELAINE SETH: "I was so very excited when Coach A first approached me with the opportunity to shoot with him! I met Coach A a few years back at a Tri-Fitness event and always knew that he had a wonderful reputation both as a photographer and coach. Coach A is very encouraging, talented and extremely professional. He was able to capture various looks that I had yet to obtain even after years of shooting! The turn around time to view my images was almost immediate! We shot in Miami in the early morning, by the time I had returned home after the shoot, there was an image waiting for me in my email! How's that for timing! I am very happy with the result of my shoot with Coach A and look forward to shooting with him again in the future!"

I am honored that you have created this beautiful artwork. When you sent me this email I was in wase at the way you described how you were inspired. I thank you for being in my life and the work you have shared with me. You are truly special. -Thank you :)-Dr Natalie Pennington